Thursday, September 9, 2010


At long last?! Note to self, never voluntarily animate in color again...

My first ever attempt at an actual animation, the technical challenges were the determining point as far as what I took away from the creation process. From the beginning, I concentrated most of my energy on rendering the ink and color of the image, I feel like I lost direction and had too many movements with too little frames. That was the issue, clearly learning that emphasis on color and details is kind of pointless in animation if it has no flow or continuity due to a lack of inbetweens. I did love seeing my inspiration and characters coming to life with the liveliness of color, if even for two seconds, the morphing process was so much fun, just the things that I would unconsciously create; bench into face into head into plant into dragon eye...then back again.
I wish I would have pushed a variety of perspectives and depth of space.
Still, even with a lot of regrets I can actually say I love what I made, just seeing my art and vision come to life is amazing.

kcai animation straight ahead from Rhianna James on Vimeo.


A second larger upload, with a little more detail.
Had some issues with cropping and file size restraints on Vimeo.

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