Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Spring 2011 Final A-Sleep_Sickness

The culmination of 13 weeks of work. I began with my first final from fall semester of sophomore year. I experimented with limited animation techniques and photoshop animation, while utilizing watercolor on hand-drawn, and painter for digital backgrounds. This was also an experiment with screen direction and cuts, although there are a few too many cross fades that I would've liked to avoid, but I felt that it really helped the continuity of the shots. After this undertaking, and the inspiration of finals from the other class, I know I'd like to take time over the summer and in the future to work over the principles of full frame animation.

The content of this piece is taken from experience and others around me, it was very personal and something that I could not seem to get off of my heart, and it kept begging, telling me to finish it off. While there are still issues, and things that I would like to rework, I'm done with this piece for good now, and ready to move on. I feel like I've taken a lot away from this semester, even though I do wonder if how much time was spent on coloring and rendering was the best choice so early on in my animation experience.

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